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Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

Daftar list web VPS

http://cloudsigma.com/ (7 days free trails) <= Recommended

https://secure.upcloud.com/signup (14 days free trial) <= Recommended

https://www.linode.com/ (4 hours)

http://www.cloudup.it/ (14 days free trails)

https://east1.openhosting.com/accounts/trial/ (5 days free trails)

http://www.elastichosts.com/cloud-hosting/free-trial (5 days free trails)

Daftar list web VPS

http://www.desktone.com/free_trial (7 days free trails)

http://eurobyte.ru/ (14 days free trails)

http://www.atum.com/ (15 days free trails)

http://www.cloudee.eu/preorder (6 days free trails)

http://www.cloudshare.com/ (14 days free trails)

http://www.rsaweb.co.za/cloud-servers-free-trial/ (7 days free trails)

http://www.vps.me/ (may be for more than one year)

http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/vks/geovks.xml (VKS) (may be for more than one year)

http://www.sublimeip.com/services/cloud/free-trial/ (5 days free trails)

https://www.gandi.net/hosting/trial (7 days free trails)

https://www.digitalocean.com/ (2 month free trials)

http://interserver.net/ (0.01 $ for one month) 

http://www.softlayer.com/info/special-free-cloud (for one month)

http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/free-trial/ (90 days free trails)

https://chunkhost.com/ (14 days free trails)

http://www.triple8.net/vps.htm (7 days free trails)

https://www.zunicore.com/ (14 days free trails)

http://instantappz.com/ (7 days free trails)

http://www.rsawebcloud.com/ (7 days free trails)

http://www.dedicatedserver.com/ (they will give you $200 to use)

http://www.gogrid.com/ (VM) (they will give you $100 to use)

http://www.phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/ (for one month) (they will give you $50 to use)


http://www.serverlove.com/free-trial/ (for one month) (they will give you £15 free credit to use)

https://cloud.atlantic.net/index.php?page=newsignup (for one month) (they will give you $15 free credit to use).